Five Quick Things

7 October 2008

First, this year has really flown, hasn’t it? October already. Work, exploring Melbourne, and a steady stream of guests have kept me busy and this blog bare.

Second, I have a love-hate relationship with work; specifically, I love my job, the work itself, but I hate being stuck in an office. I’m not sure what I can do about it.

Third, I’ve started reading again. I’d pretty much stopped reading anything except the daily news, but a friend pushed a novel on me and after knocking that over I’ve got three more on the go.

Fourth, money is an issue at the moment. We’re by no means broke, but with a wedding to pay for, things are going to be tight for the next six months.

Fifth, summer’s coming. Daylight savongs time has already kicked in. I wish I could migrate north.


Five Quick Things

22 January 2008

First, I’m sick. It’s just a cold, I think, and I went home early from work yesterday and slept a lot so I think I’m nearly over it already.

Second, I’ve made some cryptic references here in the past about moving interstate. I don’t think it will hurt to say that within a month I’ll be living in Melbourne.

Third, I’m looking forward to regular visits to Sticky. My wallet might have a different view.

Fourth, I’m going to try to be more organised with this blog this year. My goal is to write a couple of reviews each week, and to maybe branch out and do some interviews and things like that.

Fifth, I’ve been watching a bunch of stuff lately. The Darjeeling Limited was disappointing. All of these are good: The Wire, Band of Brothers (surprisingly, since I usually don’t like military stuff), Charlie Wilson’s War, I Am Legend. I’m also looking forward to Juno, Lust, Caution and Kite Runner.

Five Quick Things

8 January 2008

First, moving house is going to be very expensive. It will basically suck our savings dry — paying for removalists and freight and insurance and bonds and a month’s rent up front. I’ll be glad when it’s over.

Second, I’ve resolved to put some exercise back into my routine this year. When I was a kid I used to play a couple of different sports, so there’d be training three days a week and then matches on the weekend. Now, I walk to and from work a few days a week, but it’s not enough.

Third, my more fun resolution is to write letters. Moving away from friends makes this a no-brainer.

Fourth, I’m thinking about abandoning social networking sites. They’re an easy way to keep people up to date, but the flipside is that they kill conversation:

“I did X on the weekend.”

“Yeah, I saw that on Facebook.”

“Did you hear that Y and Z got together?”

“Yeah, it was on Facebook.”


Fifth, notwithstanding the aforementioned cost, I’m really, really looking forward to moving.

Five Quick Things

14 December 2007

First, HR screwed me over. It’s the last pay day before Christmas, and I got about a third of my wages, because they didn’t process my contract extension until 10 December — 12 days after I signed it. And now they’re going to try to pay me the difference by next week, but won’t make any promises. This makes Christmas shopping difficult. Bastards.

Second, my new favourite web comic is We the Robots. It only started recently, so you should jump back to the beginning and read it from there.

Third, I am in complete agreement with the latest Zero Punctuation. I have hit a wall on the last couple of songs on “Hard”, because of those pointless hammer-on arpeggios. My little finger can’t cope.

Fourth, I think I’ve finally got my head around the “aeroplane on a conveyor belt” problem, and I think the plane would take off. Still, it will be nice to see what Mythbusters has to say about it.

Fifth, I apologise for the lack of recent zine reviews. I have a few that I’ve structured in my head but need to sit down and type and tweak them. Stay tuned.

Five Quick Things

5 December 2007

First, my fiancee is away this week, meeting with her future employers and scoping out possible future neighbourhoods for us. It has been hard to adjust to sleeping alone. Fortunately, there are only a few more nights left. I’m wondering whether I should do a similar recce mission in January.

Second, while she’s been away I’ve had a chance to indulge my unrefined self — doing crazy, foolhardy things like leaving the dishes until the morning, and playing Guitar Hero III. The last few songs on “hard” are kicking my butt, but I’m enjoying the first few on “expert”. If you’ve got the Wii version and want to play some online multiplayer, drop a comment and we can exchange friend codes.

Third, I’m broke at the moment. I’ve had to dip into my savings a bit, which is not good — we’re going to need them to pay for long-haul removalists and a bond and furniture and all that jazz. I suck at money.

Fourth, it was Mum’s birthday on the weekend. I gave her some movie tickets and a book, but it turns out she already had the book. That’s always a bit of a bummer, but at least it means I picked something she was interested in. I just got there too late!

Fifth, Christmas is almost upon us: it’s time to start organising gifts. This is a problem, due to my aforementioned financial circumstances, so I am going to try to be a bit more creative this year — crafty, even.

Five Quick Things

28 November 2007

First, this site is too infrequently updated. This is because my motivation is currently exceeded by the effort involved in coming up with a topic and then putting finger to key. I will try to reduce the required effort by coming up with a few “template” ideas for posts — it’s worked quite well so far with zine reviews. Here is the first in what I hope will become a weekly series of Five Quick Things.

Second, I managed to get my hands slightly sunburnt over the weekend. Actually, it would be more accurate to say I managed to get part of my hands badly sunburnt. I burn in an instant, so I apply and reapply suncream almost as a reflex. Unfortunately, I missed the base of my thumbs. Thankfully, the sting has gone out of it now.

Third, I like the fact that the term guerilla clockmaker is a real term. That there is such a thing as a guerilla clockmaker. A group of French activists snuck into the dome of the Pantheon, set up a workshop and camp, and spent a year “piec[ing] apart and repair[ing] the antique clock that had been left to rust in the building since the 1960s”. Sadly, the French government refuses to wind the clock.

Fourth, last night I took my lady friend out for dinner at a cheap Chinese BBQ restaurant. I love restaurants that have ducks and pigs hanging in the window, cooks wielding massive cleavers behind the counter, and are frequented almost exclusively by foreigners. And the food was amazing.

Fifth, Contrast Podcast. Go. Listen.