Five Quick Things

7 October 2008

First, this year has really flown, hasn’t it? October already. Work, exploring Melbourne, and a steady stream of guests have kept me busy and this blog bare.

Second, I have a love-hate relationship with work; specifically, I love my job, the work itself, but I hate being stuck in an office. I’m not sure what I can do about it.

Third, I’ve started reading again. I’d pretty much stopped reading anything except the daily news, but a friend pushed a novel on me and after knocking that over I’ve got three more on the go.

Fourth, money is an issue at the moment. We’re by no means broke, but with a wedding to pay for, things are going to be tight for the next six months.

Fifth, summer’s coming. Daylight savongs time has already kicked in. I wish I could migrate north.


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