Five Quick Things

14 December 2007

First, HR screwed me over. It’s the last pay day before Christmas, and I got about a third of my wages, because they didn’t process my contract extension until 10 December — 12 days after I signed it. And now they’re going to try to pay me the difference by next week, but won’t make any promises. This makes Christmas shopping difficult. Bastards.

Second, my new favourite web comic is We the Robots. It only started recently, so you should jump back to the beginning and read it from there.

Third, I am in complete agreement with the latest Zero Punctuation. I have hit a wall on the last couple of songs on “Hard”, because of those pointless hammer-on arpeggios. My little finger can’t cope.

Fourth, I think I’ve finally got my head around the “aeroplane on a conveyor belt” problem, and I think the plane would take off. Still, it will be nice to see what Mythbusters has to say about it.

Fifth, I apologise for the lack of recent zine reviews. I have a few that I’ve structured in my head but need to sit down and type and tweak them. Stay tuned.


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