I’m still here

9 October 2007

These last couple of weeks have been hectic, for a few different reasons.

I’ve been flat out at work, partly because I’ve been working between two different offices, but mostly because I’ve been ploughing through a backlog of work. But the silver lining is that I’ve finished with a couple of dozen files, so I have clear space on my shelves, my back desk and my floor.

I asked my partner to marry me, and she said yes.

And we’ve been pushing ahead with planning the interstate move, especially trying to work out where we’ll live next year. A brief flirtation with buying our own home was abandoned because of our student debts, which still have a few years left until they’re paid off. We’re going to try to pay them off faster, and save a deposit at the same time, but in the meantime we’re going to be renting.

Word is that the rental market in our new city is easing off a bit, which is great news, but it’s still too early to really start looking for a place. But that won’t stop me scouring the internet vacancy ads, letting my imagination run wild.


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